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I decided to give this book a try as I have a wardrobe full of dull and boring t-shirts that haven't seen the light of day. I had two options - throw the t-shirts away or turn them in to something dazzling. So I picked up this book and was thoroughly impressed, it's not a book just for fashion designers but for people like you and me. This book will prove really useful if you have a lot of plain tops hanging around that could do with a bit of sprucing up or if you have goals of becoming a fashion designer this book is a good starting point. It provides projects to give you a new wardrobe and hours of pleasure in producing totally unique garments. Find more info on t shirt printing from Tee Junction here.

It was a sudden realisation after reading this book that a t-shirt is literally a blank canvas, you can do so many things with it. Knotting, tying, rolling and tearing can produce so many various results that you can produce unique wonders. After reading this book it should fill you with enough confidence to start to get your own ideas to embellish or refine clothes.

There are twenty five projects in the book that all aim to tranform boring garments into wondrous fashion must-haves and I must say I loved the fact that even children's clothes were included in these projects. The book gives you an excellent grounding in the information you will need to know before you start hacking away at your t-shirts. I am really excited to have been able to gain these skills to personalise my t-shirts effectively as shop-bought t-shirts with the same effects can be very expensive.

There's an interesting little history on the T-shirt - did you know that the T-shirt was originally a form of underwear worn by the European soldiers? The American soldiers who were sweltering in their woollen uniforms noticed this cooler option and adopted the T-shirt. Hollywood movie stars then made it cool to wear this form of 'underwear' in public and gave the world T-shirt sex appeal.

Embroidery, crocheting, beading, stamping and stencilling play a big part in the design of many of these tops. But don't worry if you have never attempted any of these things as the book explains each technique thoroughly. The book really encourages your creative spirit to flow, for example I absolutely love turquoise clothes so I can now turn plain turquoise tops into something really exquisite by embroidering bits and sewing beads on. My most basic of t-shirts can now be turned into strappy tanks, camis, halter necks, shrugs, or boleros. Again, the book explains thoroughly the various cuts needed to alter a simple t-shirt into these designs.

I was worried when I first picked up this book that there would be page upon page of similar designs but each design is very unique. Another feature I liked about this book was that throughout the book there were extra projects called 'Designer extras' which show you how to make a watchband or purse for example. So now with my turquoise top I can produce a glitzy embroidered little pouch to carry around with me.

America is always far ahead of us in the latest craft trends and altered clothing is probably going to be very popular this year. As with other American craft books I have read this book provides really quirky up-to the minute craft ideas and provides more detailed information than you would find in just any craft book.

Some of the projects are more complex than others but all are realistically attainable by following the detailed instructions. The book features projects suitable for young women, older women and children and all are fashion items that don't really go out of date through the years. I don't have any dislikes about this book because everything was so clearly explained throughout and the designs were so timeless and varied. I am waiting to visit a charity shop now so that I can pick up some more blank t-shirts.

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